Product: KTx/KMx
Category: Drivers


GEORGII KOBOLD – The KTx and KMx series of digital servo drives for three-phase, permanent-magnet, synchronous servo motors and torque motors are compact devices for panel mounting. The KTx and KMx drives are fine-tuned to run the KSY syncronous servo motors and the KTY torque motors while software and accessories complete the package. All parts of the drive package are tested in their respective combinations. GEORGII KOBOLD’s „One-Stop-Shopping“ guarantees you an easy installation and reliable operation while providing clear responsibility for the entire system with only one supplier.

• Compact devices for panel mounting in control cabinets

• Integrated safety technology

• Comprehensive technical functions

• High dynamics and quality of control

• Choice of field bus interfaces

- Profibus DP

- CANopen

- EtherCAT or Ethernet

• Digital and Analog I/O

• Integrated mains filter and ballast circuit

• Direct connection to 230 V AC or 3 x 400/480 V AC
(wide-range connection 85…253 V AC or 3×85…528 V AC)

Download: Digital AC Servo Drive Systems KTx/KMx (ID: 221131 V21.01.13)


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