KSD Servo Drives
Product: KSD Servo Drives
Category: Motors (AC)


GEORGII KOBOLD – The distributed KSD servo drives consist of a highly-dynamic servo motors with an integrated servo amplifier. They can also be equipped with a gearboxes and brakes.

The KSD series offers a wide variability and a high integration capability; they are best suited for modular machine concepts in combination with a variety of independent axes. Integrated electronics allow for the effortless connection to common bus systems like Profibus-DP, CANopen or RS485. The on-board digital and analog I/O and the integrated technology functions allow for simple or single-axis drive applications with PLC to be created without a bus system.

• Compact drives for intermittent operation to be mounted directly on the machine
• Positioning, Speed and Torque control as well as electronic gearing
• Digital 4-Quadrant Controller
• Integrated flow control
• Isolated Fieldbus interfaces:
- CANopen DSP402
- Profibus DP
- RS 485
• Separate RS 232 interface for configuration
• Versions for connection to 24-60 VDC or 230 VAC power supplies
• Separate 24 VDC logic power supply
• Status and diagnostic functions via LED’s
• Digital and analog inputs and outputs
• Optional:
- Safe Stop according to EN 954-1 category 3
- Various encoder systems
- Holding brakes
- Planetary gearboxes

Download: Distributed Servo Drives KSD (ID: 221133 V07.06.10)


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