KOD Async Motors
Product: KOD Async Motors
Category: Motors (AC)


GEORGII KOBOLD – The motors in the KOD series are high-quality, three-phase, squirrel-cage induction motors with special mechanical characterisics. Through the use of smooth aluminum housings, molded stators and double-walled cooling jackets, the KOD asyncronous motors are very robust and suitable for applications with intermittent operation and high switching frequencies. These AC work horses are characterized by high overload capacities, smooth running characteristics and extreme reliability. If desired, they can also be fitted with external, B-side blowers for extra cooling.

• High power reserves

• High switching frequency

• Robust construction and high reliability

• Quiet and maintenance free

• Double-jacket cooling

• Blowers available as needed

• Choices of different mounting versions

• Flanges according to DIN 42 955 (increased flange accuracy upon request)

• Thermal class F
• Compliant with IE2 according to EU Directive 640/2009

• Available with built-in thermal winding protection

• Also available as a gear motor

• Suitable for use with frequency converters

Download: Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors KOD (ID: KOD 221135 V20.03.12)


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